Congratulations! By reading these FREE WEIGHT LOSS TIPS!!! you are taking a step toward your goal of achieving a healthy new figure. I did it and so can you! Ok, so let's start with these weight loss tips. I identify Weight Loss with mathematics. Bottom line, it is a simple case of addition, multiplication, dividing, or minus.
1 calorie + 1 calorie = 2 calories
2,000 calories - 800 calories = 1,200 calories (healthy amount
to lose weight) 2 pounds x 4 = 8 pounds (losing or gaining 2 pounds a week)
20 pounds/5 months = 4 pounds (if wanting to lose 20 pounds
in 5 months, then we will lose 4 pounds per month to reach that goal)
The point is that THERE IS NO MAGIC PILL NOR MAGIC CREAM that will help you lose unwanted fat permanently. The true and honest weight loss tip summarizes in a simple tip: Eating healthy and having an Active lifestyle. That simple tip will help you achieve a healthier look, more energy, and a self-confident attitude. As you can see, everything has to do with numbers and how well we play with them. There is no magic potion nor pill that will give us long term weight loss results. Nutritional supplements are supplements to help you get missing nutrients, but cannot be seen as miracle potions or the magic answer to our unwanted fat. It is a matter of changing bad eating habits for healthy ones and exercising more. I believe that each individual is special; hence, I encourage you to make a personal commitment and lose the unwanted fat. You can do it; I believe in you, just as someone believed in me when I made the decision to burn that fat!
Here is a list of tips to help you lose weight safely:
Whatever diet you select, remember that there is no magic trick, but a commitment from you to eat healthy.
Best secret to lose UNWANTED FAT? Exercise! Yes, exercise! Exercises increase your metabolism to speed up burning fat. We suggest you exercise at least 30 minutes 4 times a week.
Don't starve. Simply, eating increases your metabolism. Skipping meals will only slow down your metabolism in an attempt to conserve calories when it conceives as a crisis situation where limited fuel is available. Starvation will make you lose more muscle than fat!
Please, please, please, don't fall for fake infomercials with MAGIC potion or pills promising to lose 5 or 10 pounds overnight. It just wont work!
Plan your meals the day before or weekly. This will help you to take control of cravings, rushing to fast food, and you will know your menu is healthy.
Drink GREEN TEA during the day. Many studies agree that GREEN TEA increases your capacity to burn fat. I take it in the morning before breakfast and afternoon either with lunch or after.
Go shopping after eating. It will help you stop buying compulsively for fast food. Limit your purchases to your already well thought prepared meals. Don't get tempted for any junk food! They might look good.. but not on our bodies!!! No, no, no, no!
Get to know your body needs. Each individual has different metabolism. Therefore, what worked for your friend might not work for you. Do not get discouraged. If you need to feel motivated, think about me. I will be cheering for you!
Drink at least 8 glasses of water throughout the day, not in one gulp. Your body needs to be hydrated. Symptoms of dehydration include dizziness, lack of concentration, irritability and headaches.
Secret to lose body fat? You must eat fewer calories than your body burns off. That is all!
Ideally, eat 5-6 small meals every 3 hours. But remember... smaller quantities not HUMONGOUS sizes.
So much written about PROTEINS. Increase your protein intake. Protein helps to build new muscles, increase your metabolism - which burns calories.
Think positive and visualize the NEW you.
Have the worst photo of yourself, yes, exactly, that one... the one you don't like because you look fat paste it in a place where you can see it. Next to it, place an ideal figure either of yourself or from an inspiration figure to motivate yourself and reach your goal: A NEW HEALTHY FIGURE!!
Don't let other people's negative comments affect your weight loss program. Be consistent and know that you are working toward the NEW you.
Not liking counting calories or carbs? Don't panic! Just learn good eating habits and choose vegetables/fruits.
Say SO LONG TO JUNK FOOD!!! You are not a human garbage bin! Instead, eat lots of vegetable and fruits.
Weight Loss Replacement meals are excellent when in a hurry or planning your calorie intake. Check for well balanced meal replacements to get all your nutrients.
Be patient, losing weight is not overnight. But you are on your way to overcome obesity!
Say NO to BIG PORTIONS when eating out. Ask for medium or smaller portions. Enjoy smaller portions of healthy foods.
Take breaks when feeling pressured or under stress. Take a walk, meditate, or listen to your favorite music. It will lift up your spirit.
Waking up and wanting to feel energized? Get some hot water with a squeeze of lemon before breakfast. It will speed up your metabolism for the day, and helps prevent constipation.
Learn to love yourself. Love is the most powerful tool to accomplish everything.
If you are a believer, pray for strength to keep your new healthy life style.
Modernize your wardrobe. Don't hide on those big t-shirts!
Exercise at least 3 times a week, diet alone will not help you lose weight and keep it off. Hints: home exercise videos, walk, go to a gym, run, hike with a friend.
With our rush daily life, we tend to eat fast. Try to eat slowly, chewing each bite completely. This will help you to enjoy your meals and decrease your appetite.
Good news for those chili lovers! Chili helps to speed up metabolism.
Read labels to see your calorie intake. Remember a calorie is always a calorie. What goes in remains in if you consume extra calories.
Avoid eating 3 hours or more before bed time. If feeling hungry or craving for sweet, have a cup of a flavored tea or a simple fruit.
I will be happy to hear from you and wish you all the best. Do not give up, you can do it, be positive and start today your way for the new you! Your commitment is also my commitment, 'Official! Overweight? NO MORE!' We can do it!
ABOUT THE AUTHOR Anna 'Overweight? NO MORE!' lost over 80 pounds from 230 pounds and has kept the weight off for 3 years. She believes that every person can achieve a healthier figure with determination, eating healthy, and exercising. There is no general miracle diet, but every body responds differently. It is a matter of taking the first step: 'Believing that one can regain a healthier body, having that strong inner motivation is the key to stay focused. I did it, so can you!' Your commitment is also my commitment, 'Official! Overweight? NO MORE!' We can do it!


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